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Why CEOs Need to Be Thought Leaders

As president and CEO of WFN1.com and host of CEO Money, Michael Yorba explores how business leaders are changing the world. Michael discusses how and why today’s entrepreneurs and CEOs need to be thought leaders to drive innovation and master disruption.

Are You Agile? (3 Ways to Know)

Entrepreneurs and CEOs need to be more than brand ambassadors. Reaching target audiences and achieving results requires business leaders to have “the right message going to the right audience in the right delivery process,” Michael says.

The Future of Video for Business

Michael built WFN1 as an IPTV (internet protocol television) network with live, daily broadcasts on radio, TV, and the internet reaching enthusiasts in 78 countries. He tells why IPTV is the perfect delivery method for audience-empowered, interactive financial programming.

How Disruptors Communicate

As host of CEO Money, a podcast with an audience of more than 5 million people worldwide, Michael explores how CEOs and entrepreneurs are using new media and communication strategies to disrupt business and change the world.

Building a Success-Based Network

WFN1 is more than a multimedia broadcast channel. It’s also a Success-Based Network, connecting and supporting CEOs and entrepreneurs with a wide range of service providers to help them build their businesses. Michael discusses WFN1’s key role spurring introductions and partnerships for business success.

Trading and Investing in Uncertain Times

Michael’s broad financial background includes previous positions in corporate finance, commodity futures, and securities trading, including a wide range of licenses in securities, ethics, futures, and direct participation. He discusses the latest news from markets and what it means for business.

Private Equity and Other Alternative Investments

Michael discusses how private equity companies allow investors to achieve higher returns with less risk – and support companies that align with their values.

Investing in Ethics, Morals, and Beliefs

Investors today want more than just ROI. They are choosing companies and cultures that that align with and reflect their values. Michael explains what this sea change means for how leaders do business today.
C-Suite leaders are searching for ways to better care for themselves and find balance in their hard-charging lives, while new technology and globalism spread opportunity at a dizzying pace. Michael discusses these and other trends on the horizon.

How Blockchain Will Change Business

Blockchain technologies promise to disrupt the world of finance and investments as well as global trade and currencies. Michael discusses how these technologies and other advances in business processes will create new opportunities and massive ROI.
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