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Thought Leadership for Entrepreneurs

As president and CEO of WFN1 and host of CEO Money, Michael Yorba explores how business leaders are changing the world

To compete and succeed, business leaders need to be and do more than ever before. They must drive innovation within their companies, master disruption in their markets, and broadcast their messages to target audiences through media saturated by information overload and buffeted by dizzying change.

Failure to execute with agility is a death sentence for any business, says Michael Yorba, an expert in thought leadership for entrepreneurs. Founders and CEOs need smart systems to reach their audiences and achieve results.

“You’ve got to have the right message going to the right audience in the right delivery process in order to be heard these days,” Michael says. “If you miss any of those marks you’re just going to be white noise.”

For more than 13 years, Michael has pioneered news networks for business as president and CEO of WFN1.com, a multimedia broadcast network featuring radio, television, and online distribution. As host of CEO Money, a podcast with an audience of more than 5 million people worldwide, he explores how CEOs and entrepreneurs are disrupting business as usual and changing the world.

“How they are communicating with the world seems to me the most exciting part,” he says. “Whether it's blockchain, biotech, new types of alternative investing, fintech, they’re all exciting. But the most exciting part is how the human interaction is evolving, and how they're getting the message out.”

Michael developed WFN1 as a Success-Based Network to connect and support CEOs and entrepreneurs with a wide range of service providers in everything from management, leadership, and exit strategies to communication, marketing, and self-care.

Michael has been integrally involved in shaping new media for business, including building WFN1 as an IPTV (internet protocol television) network. He has developed, produced and hosted one-hour talk shows including “Commodity Classics” and “The Traders Network.” These live, daily broadcasts on radio, TV, and the internet reach enthusiasts in 78 countries and define audience-empowered, interactive financial programming today. IPTV is recognized as the future of video.

Michael’s broad financial background includes previous positions in corporate finance, commodity futures, and securities trading. Among the various licenses he has held are: #4 Registered Options Principal, #7 General Securities Broker, #63 Ethics, #22 Direct Participation Programs, #3 Futures Broker, #30 Futures Branch Manager, and #39 Direct Participation Principal.

As an expert on new media for business and thought leadership for entrepreneurs, Michael is available to discuss topics including:

* Investing and private equity: “Right now, we’re in a period in traditional investing where people are getting nervous about the tried and true investments, whether it’s real estate, stocks, or bonds. And they’re switching to more alternative types of investments, one of which is private equity.” Younger private equity companies allow investors to achieve higher returns with less risk and choose investments that align with their values, he notes.

* Socially responsible investing: “These days, people are picking out cultures in companies that are developed by the C-suite management team that align with their values,” Michael notes. “Do you give charitably to causes for cancer or cancer research? Are you participating in healthy employees by providing them clean water in their office instead of making them drink tap water? Are you concerned about women’s rights? People are making investing decisions based on their own ethics, their own morals, and their own beliefs.”

* Living as a CEO, expanding markets, and the blockchain revolution: In 2019 WFN1 is rolling out new programming including CEOLife with Drew Gerber, CEO Latin America with Victor Hugo Rodgriguez, and blockchain technologies with Stonegate Digital, a blockchain hedge fund.

WFN1 will continue to highlight cutting-edge trends, including new businesses processes that are springing up faster ever before.

“You've got to know how to make it better than your competition, how to get better pricing on your natural resources, how to get the message out, and how to make sure you properly capitalize to make all of the wheels turn,” Michael says. “Because it all comes to a grinding halt if you don't have access to the different types of capital you need at the different stages of your business, or if you don't have access to the type of talent that understands the level of business that you're at.”

Michael and WFN1 are committed to providing business leaders – from entrepreneurs firing up startups to CEOs of large corporations – with the knowledge, networks, and tools they need to succeed.

“We create success stories by being hands-on and networking with the people who put their life’s blood into their business to make it successful and do good for other people,” he says. “That's a disruptive process in the media industry.”

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For more information, visit www.wfn1.com.
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